Provenance and Social Responsibility

Braddon Tailors works with a number of manufacturing partners from across the world to bring our clients the best garments created from the finest fabrics and trimmings available.

We strive to work with companies, factories, workshops and craftsmen and women who are not only as dedicated to their product and craft as we are, but who are also committed to ensuring ethical practices spanning labour rights, safety, quality and the environment.

Recognising the difficulties in dealing with a large and complex supply chain, at Braddon Tailors we make every attempt to only work with those suppliers who can demonstrate - at all levels of production – their own awareness and dedication to just, ethical and humane working environments and conditions for all employees.

The core construction of our garments is completed with our partners in China and Europe, with the majority of fabrics sourced from England, Italy and France.

Having visited and tested made-to-measure facilities in England, Vietnam, Hungary and the United States we have found the quality, precision and consistency of our partners is unrivalled.

Our garments are finished in our showrooms, by our team of designers. We operate in a global community, with the aim of bringing together the best fabrics, technologies and techniques to our showrooms and clients.