Why Braddon Tailors?

Born in 2009 from a passion for classic styling, an impeccable fit, and a love for the unique; Braddon Tailors is a unique Australian design house specialising in made-to-measure garments for men and women.

All of our garments are designed in Australia using predominantly English, French and Italian milled fabrics, and are made with world leading craftsmanship by our international partners.

As designers we have achieved national recognition and acclaim for our Acton Cut and designs through the collections we have presented at some of our nations biggest fashion shows including the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and Fashfest events.

The Acton Cut

The Acton Cut has evolved from a personal love of softer tailored silhouettes and a fascination with the English Drape and London Cut; both iconic shapes developed on Savile Row through the early 20th century by leading tailors Frederick Scholte and Peter Gustav.

The designers of Braddon Tailors have attempted to update these iconic English cuts to develop our own house style – the Acton Cut.

The Acton Cut combines a simple, soft silhouette with a uniquely identifiable shape providing a modern yet comforting fit suitable for all body shapes and sizes in the cosmopolitan Australian environment.

What does 'cut' mean?

The term ‘cut’, when relating to how a garment looks, refers to the style or shape of a garment as opposed to its fabric or trimmings.

The cut of a jacket, for example, refers to the way the garment hangs on the body based on the shape of the fabric pieces used to construct it, the position of the fabric’s grain and so on.

When we talk about our Acton Cut we are referring to how we adjust your own body measurements to provide room through your suit to provide a specific look, and the type and amount canvasing we use through the jacket (for example) to provide our softer silhouette shape.

Should I order one pair of trousers or two?

We recommend always ordering two pairs of trousers with each suit jacket (as long as the second pair won’t break the bank).

Two pairs of trousers will prolong the life of your suit. Trousers receive the highest wear in a suit because you sit/stand/dance which regularly generates friction. Once a fabric receives too much wear and tear it can become somewhat shiny and discoloured where it cannot be repaired to its original state.

A second pair of trousers will also let you rest your trousers between wears, which will help the fabrics dry out properly, and help to create less friction.

Being able to rotate two pairs of trousers will provide a longer wardrobe life for your favourite suits.

what does the super number mean that I often see on suit fabric?

The Super number refers to a measurement of how fine the wool is after being spun into yarn. Basically, the higher the number the finer the yarn and the finer yarn give a better feel and drape whilst also becoming increasingly lighter in weight.

These numbers are often mistaken for a quality rating of the fabric; which is not true. It’s just a measurement of the finesse of the yarn, with some amazing fabrics being produced in Super 110s and some almost un-wearable fabrics produced in Super 160s to Super 180s.

Each type of fabric is made for a particular purpose, talk to your designer about which may be best suited to you and your lifestyle.

What can you tell me about canvassing?


Gift Certificates

Do you offer gift certificates?

You sure can!  A Gift Certificate from Braddon Tailors makes a great gift as they combine a remarkable experience with something that is incredibly practical. 

Contact us at info@braddontailors.com through our contact page or visit our Canberra store for more information about how to arrange this incredible gift.


Design and Manufacture

Where will my Braddon Tailors garment be designed and made?

Braddon Tailors offers a number of construction options for your new garments, and after your initial appointment we develop a base pattern which is unique to your measurements. This is then sent to one of our trusted manufacturing partners for cutting and construction. 

We have developed strong relationships with our manufacturers over 5+ years, who operate in China, New Zealand, Hungary and Italy; which partner we use depends on your budget and the garments you have chosen. 

Irrespective of which manufacturing partner we use your garment is cut and finished to our exacting standards; to the very highest quality available. Read about our provenance and social responsibility policy here

What design options can I choose from?

Braddon Tailors provides all our clients with an enormous amount of design options for your garments. These options range from the fit of the garment, the fabrics used, and many, many styling options including lapels, pockets, buttons linings, cuffs, collars, vents, pleats, darts, stitching and many more.

These options can sometimes be a little daunting, so if you aren’t sure where to start your designer will be more than happy to recommend some different options given your particular needs and requirements.


Fit and Alterations

I don't have the proportions of the models in your photos, can you still help me and will the garments suit my body shape?

Don’t worry, we don’t have the physiques of models either so we know where you are coming from. If everybody had the physique of a model, our work would be far less interesting.

Because all of our garments are made from patterns drawn specifically from your own body measurements, our services are perfect for discerning customers of all shapes and sizes.

We understand how difficult it can be to purchase off-the-rack clothing for most men and women, not to mention how expensive it is to have those garments altered, so our experienced designers are able to work with you to design and style garments that will not only fit you perfectly, but will also flatter your body shape.

While there are always going to be some limitations about what we can and can’t achieve for different body shapes (again we aren’t all models), we will do our best to work with you to achieve a design which is flattering for your own body proportions.

How long will it take to have my garments made?

In total, from the time of the initial appointment it normally takes five to six weeks for you garments to be completed. Broken down, from the initial appointment through to the first fitting normally takes between four to five weeks, and then approximately another week to have alterations made.

Things to note:

Some special cloths that we don’t hold in stock take about 2 weeks longer since we need to source from the European mills where they are produced.

Similarly, the more handwork you require in the construction phase of your garment, or the more interesting the styling, can also lead to a longer construction time.

There are also sometimes unforeseen delays because of fabric supply, volcanic eruptions, national holidays and Customs. If your garment is for a wedding or special event it is best to allow eight to ten weeks to be safe.


Measurement and Fitting Process

Can you tell me about the measurement and fitting process?

The measurement process is very simple.

At your initial appointment – either at your local Braddon Tailors store, through our Corporate arm, or through our Travelling Tailor – you will have the opportunity to discuss fabrics, fit and design options with one of our designers. This initial appointment normally takes between 45 minutes and an hour.

At this initial appointment your designer will take a set of measurements, which are dependent upon the style of garment discussed, directly from your body. We then use these body measurements as a basis for developing your individual garment pattern and establishing measurement allowances to ensure the best fit possible.

Once construction of your garment has been completed we will invite you to you to the first of two to three fitting appointments; these appointments normally take around 20 minutes. At this first fitting Braddon Tailors will get you to try on your garments, and in consultation with you, pin and chalk the garments for adjustment as required.

We will then adjust the garments as required ready for a second fitting. Once you and Braddon Tailors are satisfied with the fit of your garments, they are yours to take home.

What if my garments don't fit as expected?

Through our initial appointment, fitting and quality assurance processes all care is taken to ensure your garments fit and flatter your body shape. If you are not happy with the fit of your new garment we will happily either adjust or remake the garment to your preferences.

I have a suit or shirt that fits me really well. Can you copy the measurements?

Absolutely. While we will always prefer to measure your own body (it is actually rare for someone to have an ideal fit from an off the rack garment), we are happy to take measurements from other garments as a guide.

We can do this by you either bringing the garment in to one of our stores, or you sending us the garment directly.

Can you help me with alterations to a suit I already own?

Yes, we are happy to advise you with alterations to refresh garments you already have. We are more than happy to work on suits, shirt, jeans and other basically garments; for all other garments (wedding dresses, silks etc) we are happy to refer you to specialists for this work.

Please note that any work undertaken on garments we have not made previously for you will incur a small consultation fee in addition to the alteration costs themselves.

Price depends on the type of alteration and the time needed to complete the work. Contact us on info@braddontailors.com for further information.



What shirting fabrics do you offer and where are they sourced?

We work with a number of the world’s best mills to offer the best shirting fabrics possible. In a variety of weights and weaves, in conjunction with our Acton Collection 100% Egyptian cottons, we source shirting from the Monti (Italy), Huddersfield Cloth, Acorn Fabrics, and Thomas Mason mills.

If you have a particular fabric in mind for that truly special garment, and we don’t have it in stock, we would be happy to try to source it for you source.

What suiting fabrics do you offer and where are they sourced?

Braddon Tailors offers a rich and varied range of suiting fabrics; a selection chosen for its suitability to the Australian climate. While the majority of our fabrics are woven from 100% Australian and New Zealand merino wool, we also offer a selection of cashmere, silk, mohair and other natural fabric blends along with cottons and linens in a variety of weights.

Our major suiting suppliers are the Dormeuil, Huddersfield Cloth, Loro Piana, Carnet, Holland and Sherry and Molly and Sons mills. We also stock a range of house label 100% merino wools, known as our Acton Collection.

If you are after something in particular that we don’t have stocked we would welcome the chance to speak with you about sourcing fabrics to meet your needs through our extensive world wide network of fabric distributors.

Do you stock fabrics for garments besides just suits and shirts?

In addition to our suiting and shirting ranges we stock, and have access to, fabrics suitable for most garments and accessories.

This range of fabrics includes cotton twills, denims, silks, heavier winter weight fabrics, gabardine, linens, and blended fabrics suitable for jeans, casual and summer clothing, shorts and our own handmade ties and pocket squares.

I have my own fabric- can I bring it in to you to have a garment made?

We are always happy to work with you, and your own fabric, to create that truly individual garment. Let us know when you make an appointment to see us, and we can provide further details about the lengths of fabrics we will need for each individual garment and the costs involved.



Do I have to pay the full amount upfront?

We ask for a 50% deposit at the time of placing the order for your garment. This allows us to purchase and cut the fabrics for your garment.

The remaining 50% is due at the time of the final fitting; when you are happy with the garment and take it home.

If you would like to pay more upfront then of course that is always welcome too.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment with Visa and Mastercards, direct deposit or cash. 


Contact, Appointments and Locations

How can I contact you?

The easiest way to contact us is through our email address: info@braddontailors.com or through our online contact form. If you would like to arrange an appointment at any of our Australian or International locations, feel free to make an appointment through the link at the top of every web page, or through our appointments form

Alternatively you are able to call our flagship store in Canberra on (02) 6181 6442 for appointments or general enquiries.

The direct contact details for our Sydney, Adelaide, Corporate and Traveling Tailors can be found on our contact page.

Do I need to make an appointment?

An appointment is always preferred as they allow our designers to devote attention entirely on you, and give us the time to discuss fabrics, design, process and pricing.

That said, if you’re walking past, feel free to pop in – we always love a chat, or if free would be happy to help you through a consultation.

How do I organise an initial appointment to discuss fabric and be measured?

The quickest way to arrange an appointment at any of our Australian or International locations, is through the link at the top right of any page, or through our appointments form.

Alternatively you are able to call our flagship store in Canberra on (02) 6181 6442 for appointments at any of our locations.

I can't make it to your studio, can you come to me? 

If you aren’t able to attend an appointment at one of our stores, through our Travelling Tailors program we have the perfect way to meet with you at your office or home no matter where you are in the world. Feel free to email us on info@braddontailors.com or contact us through our online contact form.

For more information on our Travelling Tailor program visit our Travelling Tailor page.

I don't live near one of your stores. Can I still get a Braddon Tailors garment made? 

Yes! Of course. While we have bases in Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney, we do travel regularly to other locations throughout Australia and internationally; through our Travelling Tailor program.

Please contact us through our online contact form or via email on info@braddontailors.com to discuss when we will be coming to a location near you.

Alternatively, we do have other options for those customers who won’t be able to meet with us in the near future. Feel free to email us on the above address and we can discuss these options with you.



I'm getting married and would like to organise an outfit for myself (and wedding party). How long should I wait until getting measured?

It will normally take around six to seven weeks to go through the complete process, however, for weddings (and other special events) we suggest allowing an additional four weeks (minimum) before the wedding.

This additional time will help you keep stress to a minimum, avoid the hassle of trying to organise your wedding party on a tight time frame, and leave you plenty of time to focus on all the other things you will have to sort out.

Any longer than this and you may have to consider weight and body fluctuations into account.


Care and Washing

How should I best care for my Braddon Tailors garment?

With every garment we design for you, we will provide you with a short guide on how best to care for that garment.

You can also find this information on our Garment Care Advice page.


Braddon Tailors Corporate

Can I arrange a corporate booking for my workplace?

Of course you can! Feel free to contact us through our contact page or feel free to email Jonathan, our National Corporate Manager directly at jono@braddontailors.com. You can read more about our specialised corporate program here