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Limited edition summer grey collection

price $1199

Our Summer capsule collection is now available for Pre order via the form below.

The collection consist of two limited edition styles, each suit is numbered. These two suits have been inspired by traditional soft silhouette Neapolitan tailoring, which we have adapted to suit a modern Australian wardrobe. The Neapolitan jacket draws the eye of so many men. A Neapolitan jacket oozes coolness and Italian nonchalance, or sprezzatura, and feels a little edgier than the classics, with young men in particularly recognising the versatility of this soft-tailored jacket.

A Classic Neapolitan Soft Shoulder

Spalla camicia adopts a similar technique that is used in shirt-making.  By tucking the seam allowance against the shoulder (not against the sleeve), the jacket follows the shape of the body causing the fabric to fall naturally from the shoulder-down. There is an absence of padding in the shoulder and a natural puckering that is formed flowing down from the sleeve head, since sleeves are cut wider at the top with excess cloth eased into the shoulder and armhole–a look thought of as a fault to some, and pure poetry in motion to others. Notice how the shoulder is knocked down, with no appearance of padding.

Con rollino (or “with roll”) jackets are made by taking excess fabric from around the sleeve head, and forming a roll that bulks up the area and pushes the sleeve head upwards, creating a bump that gives the same appearance as roping. Sometimes this bump or roll can be quite pronounced, and other times, not as obvious.

The Light Grey Con Rollino style suit features a peak lapel. Made from a 100% merino wool in a 280 gm weigh and a Super 120s. Dark chocolate horn buttons feature on the front and sleeves of the jacket. The style of the jacket is a classic Neapolitan style, with a Con Rollino shoulder style, patch pockets and a half canvas. The jacket is fully lined with a vibrant blue and yellow paisley high quality lining. The trousers are slightly high waisted, flat front, side adjusters optional and with tapered legs. Choose whether your pant hem is cuffed or straight. Internal buttons on the waist band allow for suspenders to be worn.

The Navy Spalla Camica style suit, features similar design elements but instead has the Spalla Camica style shoulder and a soft single layer canvasing. It too has a higher waisted trouser, horn buttons and a tapered leg. Made from a 100% merino wool in a 280 gm weigh and a Super 120s.

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